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A Lot Of Sleepy Bears Like To Hibernate Underneath Lake Tahoe Homes

Hey, everyone, we all need to move to Lake Tahoe immediately. The reason we are all moving to Lake Tahoe is because every year, more than 100 sleepy bears hibernate under the houses of the people who live there. Adorable, sleepy bears! 100 of 'em!

This information comes to us from a local ABC news report that features plenty of great footage of sleepy-ass bears being real sleepy. If there is a Pulitzer Prize for bear news, this report should win it.


The best part is that there is a group called the Bear League that will come to your house and make sure that the bear sleeping underneath it is well-situated and safe. The Bear League will scare the bear out from under your house if you really want them to, but why would you do that? Are you some kind of goddamn monster? If you're lucky, your bear will eventually emerge with an adorable new cub in tow:

A couple of years ago, [Ann] Bryant helped a family that allowed a mother bear to stay under their home and give birth to a cub. The family was actually home when the cub was born. "It was right underneath their parlor where they would watch television and they heard him cry," Bryant said. The mother bear kept her cub under the house until he was a couple of months old then disappeared up into the forest.

See you guys in Tahoe.

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