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A Moth Tried To Lay Its Eggs In Matt Holliday's Brain

I think that's what moths do. I'm not a damned lepidopterist.

The Cardinals game was interrupted in the 8th inning after a moth got stuck in Matt Holliday's ear canal, forcing him to come out of the game, to the barely concealed mirth of Daniel Descalso. It was no laughing matter as Holliday's replacement Corey Patterson had to bat in the ninth, grounding out in a 1-run Cardinals loss.


The crack St. Louis training staff stuck Holliday in a dark room, hoping the moth would "seek light" and leave on its own. No such luck. The moth had to be extracted with tweezers, and was unharmed. But here's the weirdest part of the story: Holliday took the moth with him when he left the ballpark. Why? New pet? Revenge torture session? Or perhaps, just perhaps, Holliday plans to spend the coming weeks and months training the moth, so that Descalso learns the hard way that it's not that funny, and in fact, rather painful.

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