A quick timeline of the past year for the Thomas brothers, both linemen from Montana, that should illustrate why you want to party with them:

August 23: Corvallis police find Tyler Thomas naked in a strange woman's home. He gets into a three-point stance and lunges at cops, who Tase him. Tyler is kicked out of Oregon State and would later transfer to Montana State.


September 22:: Younger brother Connor Thomas is arrested at a routine traffic stop after police find marijuana and paraphernalia in his car. His high school wants to suspend him from the team for his entire senior season, but his mother files a lawsuit and he misses only two games.


June 3: A graduation party. Connor Thomas brings the pot brownies, but realizes that he put "way too much" weed in them. He sells them for $15 apiece. Six classmates are sent home after totally tripping their balls off. He's charged with two felony counts.

Yesterday Connor was dismissed from Montana State, where he had signed a LOI to play with his brother. Don't be too sad, though. It's just a matter of time before Tyler is dismissed for something and they can play football together as often as they want.