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Most of us have probably made the ridiculously stupid decision to drink and drive at some point in our lives. Some of us may have even been pulled over, which makes the stupid decision become an expensive and humiliating one. (Here's a tip: Refuse the breathalzyer.) But even if those circumstances did befall you, I'm guessing nobody attempted to weasel out of it the way Jacksonville Jaguars' safety Brian Williams did back in 2006.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Williams offered up sex with his female passenger to the arresting officer "if you let me go."


This was the capper in the mind-blowing documentation released by officer E.E. Bridges, who also alleges Williams called him a honky, accused him of racism and also threatened "sex acts with the officer's wife and daughter."


What ever happened to the days of sucking on pennies and black licorice?

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