A Night On The Town With Alex Rios

Alex Rios was 0-for-5 last night with 5 strikeouts. Oops. Obviously, the only logical response was to wait outside a charity event so you can heckle him on the way to his car.

Actually, on second thought ... don't ever do this. You're not a big man, because you called Alex Rios a bum almost to his face; so what's accomplished by antagonizing him? Sure, he lost his cool and called you a "fucking idiot," but you kind of are. When you're in the stadium do whatever you want, but when you pull stuff like this on the street, now you're the asshole. So he didn't sign an autograph for a kid? Big deal. The kid needs to learn at an early age that collecting autographs of mediocre middle inoutfielders is a pointless and highly non-lucrative pursuit. The boy should be home playing video games or racing chickens on horseback anyway.


Seriously, an Alex Rios signature? That's guy's a bum!

Alex Rios Does Not Like Being Called A Bum [Drunk Jay Fans]