A Non-Exhaustive List Of People MLB Has Not Suspended For 211 Games

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Major League Baseball has suspended Alex Rodriguez for 211 games. There are, however, many people who haven't been suspended for 211 games. Here are a few of them:

Andy Pettitte, a confessed hGH user.

Manny Ramirez, who failed two drug tests.

Ugueth Urbina, who was part of a mob that attacked a group of men with machetes and poured gasoline all over them.

Elijah Dukes, who in 2007 reportedly texted his wife a picture of a gun and left her a menacing voice mail. ("You dead, dawg. I ain't even bullshitting. Your kids, too.")

Kevin Koch, the Pirate Parrot who hooked up a bunch of ballplayers with cocaine.


Tony LaRussa, who drove under the influence.

Delmon Young, who drunkenly attacked a guy while shouting, "Fucking Jews!"

Josh Lueke, who pled no contest to false imprisonment as part of a plea bargain after being charged with rape.

Brett Myers, who was arrested after witnesses told police they saw him hitting his wife on a street near Fenway Park.

Curt Schilling, who was injected with the powerful performance enhancing drug Toradol "almost every single game for the last 10 years" of his career.


Willie Mays, whose locker, according to the testimony of a former teammate, was a source of powerful performance enhancing drugs.

Luis Polonia, who pled no contest to charges of having sex with a minor under the age of 16.


Dante Bichette, who was arrested for aggravated battery over an incident involving a pregnant 19-year-old.

Francisco Rodriguez, who beat up his girlfriend's father in Citi Field.

Mike Leake, unauthorized user of property.

Vince Coleman, who injured two small children after tossing a firecracker at a crowd of people.


Julio Machado, who shot a woman in the head after getting into an accident with a car in which she was a passenger.

Milton Bradley, convicted of spousal battery, among other things.

Many other ballplayers and figures associated with the game, including Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken, Jr., Tony Gwynn, Tom Seaver, Frank Robinson, and Greg Maddux, have also not been suspended for 211 games.


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