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A Penny For Your NBA Thoughts

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As the NBA trading deadline looms, it will be hard to top the big trade that brought Steve Francis to New York — thus insuring an NBA championship for the Knicks next season (just kidding, they're doomed). The Knicks sent Penny Hardaway and Trevor Ariza to Orlando. Personally, we think the trade makes as much sense for the Knicks as a typical Crispin Glover talk show appearance — at least from a salary cap perspective. But it doesn't matter what we think. What do other NBA fans think? A sampling:

True Hoop:

I actually didn't think the Knicks could get any worse. I guess I was wrong. This trade makes zero sense. — Damir.

I thought you had said that you were on the phone with *THE* Knick fan. At first I wondered if there was a blogger with that name. Then I thought it was more likely that after this deal, there might only be ONE Knick fan left. — Jason Grigsby.

Thanks be to the almighty for making Isiah! Say Hallelujah! The Magic win this trade by subtraction and emerge from capspace hell in one stroke. Thank you, thank you, thank you Isiah. — WeRDevos



This trade has to be a setup for another trade. Possibly for a Garnett. If not I don t know — NYC4EVA

In one of my fantasy bball leagues three guys immediately changed their team names to ex-knickfan, ex-knickfan #2, and %&@! the knicks. i can t remember any trade in recent memory that has had such an immediate and obvious adverse effect on its team s fan base. the incompetence at work here is shocking. and of course it all starts with james blank check dolan, who s letting the wheels come off the wagon . and actually seems to be encouraging it. — Paycheck

Father Knickerbocker:

While most of New York is skeptical, after all wouldn t you be when a team is 15-38? One former Knick coach isn t based on this comment to the STAR LEDGER: I think they ve turned the corner. They ve accumulated a tremendous amount of talent. Ever since he s (Isiah s) come here, the talent level has gone through the roof. That s all I know. Now, whether or not that s going to work one day, is going to be up to whoever coaches the team. I think it s a gift for the Knicks, basically. - Pat Riley


Believing in Magic:

The trade for the Magic was about one thing only freeing up cap space for the future. Getting rid of Francis salary and then being able to dump Hardaway s gives the Magic plenty of room to sign free agents and their young players in the future. Not only that, but Grant Hill s contract will be up next year and that will help free up more money.

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