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A Plea For Televised Wiffle Ball

Clay Travis at CBS Sportsline's SpiN on Sports has a serious passion for Wiffle Ball. He suggests, nay, outright demands that Wiffle Ball be televised. It is an udderly ridiculous notion, and yet, I'd kind of like to see it happen.

I'd watch a competitive Wiffle Ball game before I watched a lot of other things on TV. For example, dominoes, Knicks games, or anything involving Regis Philbin. As long as they still have the rule where you can get a baserunner out by throwing the ball and hitting him in the face, I'm all for it. Hell, I think they should just incorporate that rule into Major League Baseball.


You'd have baserunners with welts and bruises, some astronomical batting averages, and guys throwing some absurd breaking pitches. If you've never thrown a wiffle ball, you can make those things break about four feet, though I don't think there's anything else in the world, short of shoving it in a woodchipper, that's worse for your arm. In fact, I think Mark Prior threw a lot of wiffle balls when he was a kid.

ClayNation: We want Wiffle Ball on TV [SpiN on Sports]

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