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A Post About Nothing

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Absolutely nothing. That's the news coming out of the NFL labor talks. They still don't like each other. They still can't agree. There's still not a lot of hope. I still don't care.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello says that there will be more talks on Sunday. An NFLPA lawyer said that negotiations were "dead as a doornail," an expression I've never quite understood. NFLPA boss Gene Upshaw even went home, where he probably did not sit down and enjoy a candlelight dinner with Vikings center Matt Birk.


I really don't care, and here's why: there's going to be NFL football for the next two years, no matter what happens. And at the end of those two years, if the NFL has indeed decided to kill itself, you and I are going to be so goddamn knowledgable about Arena Football that we're not even going to notice that the NFL is gone. All these Arena Football posts that you hate right now are totally going to pay off in two years. Man, you're going to thank me.

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