A Post-Nuke Fenway Park Is In Fallout 4

Image for article titled A Post-Nuke Fenway Park Is In Fallout 4

Vidyagame folks are very excited about the Fallout 4 trailer released today. I don’t really care, but I do enjoy the idea of a lovingly rendered post-annihilation Boston.


Sharp-eyed James McKenna spotted the above image in the trailer, which appears for only a few frames. It does seem to be Fenway Park, rusted and repaired and now serving as some sort of redoubt. It’s not an exact replica of any specific part of Fenway, but given the batter sculpture and loading bays and traffic bollards, they appear to have taken a few liberties with the Gate B entrance. Fallout being open-world, hopefully gamers will get to explore the entire stadium, possibly battling the rats who live in the Green Monster, now mutated and enormous.

Our Kotaku buddies have more on the game, you big nerds.