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A Real Team Would Play A Tripleheader

More proof that our man Ron Zook — ARE YOU INTENSE ENOUGH FOR ZOOK???!!! — is a genius and is a force with which to be reckoned: He's smart enough to schedule games against teams who already have games scheduled that day.


No, really: The Mid-American Conference, thanks to Temple's late addition to the conference, is having serious scheduling issues, to the point that Kent State is scheduled to play both Illinois and Vanderbilt on October 27 of this year. That's just more than seven months from now, and they need to figure this out soon, because the Illini only have so many games they'll be favored to win.

The Wizard Of Odds details all kinds of other scheduling problems the MAC is having, but nothing quite compares with a team having to play two games on the same day. Hey, it can't hurt them in the strength of schedule ratings.

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