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A Report From One Of Briggs' Fellow Motorists

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Now that Bears linebacker Lance Briggs has confirmed he was the one driving that Lamborghini Monday morning that was left on the Edens Expressway in Chicago — he's giving some ridiculous explanations too — we are happy to provide you with a report from a reader who was right next to Briggs' car last Sunday night.

The reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, took this picture and filed this report to us Monday afternoon. We held it until now because it wasn't confirmed Briggs was in the car.

So I totally drove alongside whoever crashed Briggs' car for a while last night at like 1030. I even took a photo of it, because I'd never actually seen one on the street, and dude kept blowing through stoplights at 100mph, only to have my slow ass pull up behind him at the next light every time, which was funny. This is at Roosevelt and State in Chicago's South Loop. You can just make out the unregistered Texas plates — sorry it's not better, stupid iPhone camera.


The Bears seem oddly complacent in their investigation of Briggs, whose rambling two-minute talk to reporters about the incident made little sense. We wonder if they'll be allowed to stay so casual about the whole matter.

Clearly, Briggs Not Very Clear [Chicago Tribune]

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