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A-Rod Book's Reviews: Do I Detect A Pattern Here?

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The armchair Kakutanis of the world have weighed in on Selena Roberts' bildungsroman, and their verdict is a resounding "nay." This apparently has something to do with, you guessed it, the Duke lacrosse rape case.

A sampling (everything sic'd):

kjenfan (United States): Rather, as in her DESERVEDLY maligned handling of the Duke lacrosse team story, she comes across as someone with an agenda that has little to do with the facts.


J. Wells (Hartford, CO): This is the woman who convicted the Duke lacrosse team in column after column and when it came out that she had used a column in one of the world's most prominent newspapers to heap scorn on three innocent college kid's, she couldn't even admit she was wrong, much less issue an apology.

Justin B (Monterey, CA United States): One can only "speculate" that Ms. Roberts has some kind of personal grudge, either against Mr. Rodriguez or successful male athletes in general, given her irresponsible coverage of the Duke lacrosse team.

O. B. Jective "OBJ" (Memphis, TN): If she is shown to be a liar several years from now, I hope she provides a better defense than when she was taken to task over her unconscionable handling of the Duke Lacrosse incident.

H. Parks (Seattle, WA): Her bogus coverage of the Duke Lacrosse case is prime example of her 'journalism'.


B. Sanford: First the Duke scandal and now this. Selena Roberts is a joke!

B. Smith (Dubai, UAE): It is shameful, just like her reporting on the Duke Lacrosse Team.


Jason Luu (Washington, DC): Lets not forget that Selena Roberts wrote a malicious piece that trounced the real victims in the Duke La Cross case, acting as if she knew beyond a matter of fact they were guilty before they were cleared of all wrong doing and has refused to apologize or retract her erroneous statement.

Herman Cost (New York, New York): Any reader of Selena Robert's journalism in the Duke lacrosse team matter, had more than an inkling what to expect here: innuendo, anonymous "sources", a preconceived agenda without any objectivity at all, and witless sensationalism.


RALPH R. CARRIERI (ST. JAMES, NY USA): Remember, this is the same author whoe helped ruin the lives of the Duke Lacrosse players by her using "one-sided journalism", causing death threats to these young men who were ultimately exonerated.

West Villager (New York, NY United States): Remember: Selena Roberts is the reporter who presumed guilt of the Duke lacrosse players a few years ago.


psychguru (Jersey Shore): It should also be added that the author's journalistic integrity/reputation is also tainted because of her misguided unapologetic coverage of the Duke lacrosse team rape allegations.

Phaedrus: To accept such sources one has to believe the author has a history of credibility. She obviously doesn't as evidenced by her published work on the Duke lacrosse case.


F. Bluhm: Sorry, but any respect I had for Selena Roberts as a credible journalist faded long ago with her writings/rantings in the New York Times depicting the innocent Duke lacrosse players as liars and cowards, and much worse.

BOTH RULE (New York, NY): After the whole Duke Lacrosse team mess, I can't believe so many people are willing to believe everything she writes.


Brian Lemaresquier "BeatleBriL" (NY USA): This is a reporter who led a smear campaign against The Duke Lacrosse team with false allegations far more serious than anything she implies on Rodriguez making it plausible she wouldn't have an issue writing a book that dubbed someone an egotistical doper.

In the face of such (suspiciously) uniform derision, perhaps one of her former Times colleagues might like to rush to her defense. How about you, cryptoblogger Murray Chass?

"Roberts has written a book about Alex Rodriguez, and it is a journalistic abomination. ... Roberts has been a newspaper and magazine reporter and columnist and as such has practiced the craft of journalism. Based on the book, however, she needs a lot more practice. ... She also didn't strike me as being a top-flight reporter. ... I should also disclose that after Roberts became a columnist for the Times I found her baseball columns to be shallow and superficial, and she demonstrates her lack of baseball knowledge in the book."


Oh, well. At least he didn't mention the Duke lacrosse case.

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