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Baseball Think Factory (via Baseball Musings) reports that endless external to-and-fro, Yankees lipstick model Alex Rodriguez has finally decided to play for the United States in the upcoming World Baseball Classic.

In case you don't remember, A-Rod originally said he would play for the Dominican Republic team and, after he took some public hits for it, announced he wouldn't play in the Classic at all. Now he has changed his mind again, though at this point, it wouldn't surprise us if he's playing for Japan next month. ("You see, Alex," Scott Boras said, "have you seen that movie 'Lost In Translation?' The marketing opportunities will be tremendous! It's Suntory time!")

Seriously, think about this. Alex Rodriguez is an athlete who is so soulless, so inherently empty at his core, that he is focus grouping his own background.


Alex Rodriguez Now To Play In WBC For United States [Baseball Think Factory](via Baseball Musings)