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Well, that didn't take long: Just five hours after our post on writer Joe Lavin's early purchase of Jose Canseco's new book, which, according to Lavin, claims that Canseco introduced A-Rod to a steroid supplier, A-Rod has responded with characteristic stoicism.


A-Rod's reaction is no reaction. How Zen.

When first told Tuesday morning that Canseco had leveled accusations against him, Rodriguez asked what more Canseco had said than in previous accusations. Told that Canseco had written about introducing him to a known supplier of steroids, Rodriguez said, "I really have absolutely no reaction."

Lavin, who posted his findings on his blog,, also reported that Canseco accused A-Rod of pursuing Canseco's wife, the reason for Canseco's clear animosity toward the Yankees' third baseman. When Rodriguez was told about that, he raised his eyebrows and asked, "He said that in his book?", then said, "I have absolutely no comment."


It's a pity that, if Lavin's findings are true, A-Rod is about to get pilloried because of allegations from Jose Canseco. Though, to be fair, if we were a young up-and-coming star, the minute we saw an aged, shriveling Jose Canseco sauntering toward us in the locker room, we'd hightail it in the opposite. Fast.

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