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Honestly, we're starting to get a little embarrassed to even post about this, but hey, we're here, this is our job, this is what we do ... it's time for another Alex Rodriguez in the World Baseball Classic post. (We've covered this, let's see, here, here and here.)

Newsday says that A-Rod, "after much deliberation," has decided to play for the U.S. team. But "after much deliberation" is being extremely kind. Just to remind you of the trip A-Rod took over the last month.

December 14: A-Rod says he's "leaning toward" playing for the Dominican Republic.
December 16: After reading the tea leaves, A-Rod says he won't play in the WBC at all because he doesn't want to disrespect either of his home countries.
January 4: A-Rod says he's going to play in the WBC after all ... for the United States.
January 10: A-Rod says again that he's not playing, but if he did, it would probably be for the Dominican.
Yesterday: After being included on both teams' 60-man rosters — 60 men? Isn't that a lot? — A-Rod finally relents and says he'll play, and it will be for the United States.


You see, this is what happens when you give a professional athlete a choice that doesn't involve money: They just have no idea what to do with themselves.

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