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A-Rod Loses His Golden Muse

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A stunning report from the bowels of the gossip arena on a Tiger Woods break: Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson have apparently broken up. No golf clubs were swung, no hydrants were run over, according to reports so far.

This could be a tough one for A-Rod, as many people credited Hudson with his transformation into a cuddly superstar and the Yankees World Series win on the fact that he was dating a seemingly normal likable, Hollywood actress who he wasn't cheating on all the time. It's a pretty remarkable feat for Rodriguez, who managed to side-step the Kate Hudson curse, one that's given trouble to most men who have bedded her in recent years. Chris Robinson and The Black Crowes went from multi-platinum selling artists to jam band also-rans during his marriage to Hudson. Golfer Adam Scott came down with an incurable case of the yips. Owen Wilson turned into Dylan Thomas after he was cuckolded by her. But A-Rod? He became downright lovable, more "human," they say during his Hudson relationship. Poof.

I was asked by a friend of mine, who is begrudgingly covering the break-up, to assist with her story via IM. I was not helpful:

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And that's how you annoy your writer friends on deadline.


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