This "exclusive" photo was featured in today's New York Daily News on page 2 above the Mike Lupica column. Unfortunately, you can no longer find it online because A-Rod's people complained about it.

The photo, taken by DN staff photog Andrew Theodorakis, was shot before the A-Rod/Gammons ESPN interview at Rodriguez's home in Florida. Theodorakis was just doing his job, apparently, but Rodriguez felt a little aggravated by the photographer's presence and felt his privacy was invaded (again?), so when the photo popped up in the paper this morning, he quickly summoned one of his minions to complain about it.

Who knows if Theodorakis had barged into Rodriguez's house unwelcome or not, but it's a pretty innocuous photo. And given the mighty shitstorm Rodriguez is currently battling, it says a lot about the childish, cloistered world his sun-fried brain currently operates in. Well, I guess he won this battle, since the DN decided to pull the photo from their site. Hooray, Alex.