A Roundup Of Zombie Earl Woods Commercial Parodies (LOTS MORE UPDATES)

After the debut of Tiger's new commercial, it was inevitable that the spot would be parodied over and over again, with varying levels of success. Here are a bunch of the good ones.


Here we have a voicemail recording of an Eldrick who is really in need of a favor.

Back by popular demand: The Morgan Freeman Rehabilitation Speech from The Shawshank Redemption, courtesy of FatAwecome.com.

First seen o'er at Gawker.tv, this one marvelously uses Frank T.J. Mackey's "Respect The Cock" speech from Magnolia.

Fact: 1950s sex ed videos will always be great for re-appropriation.

A reader that goes by Lew_Wolfe_Hates_Oakland created this one for all of us using one of the best parts of Scent of a Woman. Everyone say thank you to Lew_Wolfe_Hates_Oakland.


Easily the best use of the Geto Boys' anthemic "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster" in years.

Featuring the worst/bumblingest dad in music video history, Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" is an inspired choice here.


Alec Baldwin's voicemail message to his daughter. The video was edited to fit in more diatribe, so we cannot award full points. Credit goes to Issac from A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago.

Reader Krister used text to speech software to put Tiger's texts into this one. Nice one, Krister.


Reader Ryan sent in his creation: Tiger as The Joker in The Dark Knight. This one too.

The creator of this Scarface-Tiger mashup thinks that Tiger is something less than remorseful.


Some perspective from Charles Barkley, anyone?

Stephen Colbert got in on the fun last night. Here's the first of his: Leave It To Beaver. Full clip here.


Colbert went a different route in his second video. Using a Gene Wilder bit from Young Frankenstein, Tiger gets a pep talk that he probably really needs. Again, full clip here.


Reader Nick sends along his version that emphasizes Earl's womanizing past and chastises Tiger for making it harder for all the other adulterers out there.

Tiger gets the Secret Obsession treatment and it's marginally weirder than the original commercial.


Here are some interesting self-shot parodies: Whim Quarterly, WGN's Pat Tomasulo and, uh, this one from Shane.