We continue to feel bad for attractive female sideline reporters. They work hard, they travel like crazy, they put in the hours ... and no matter what they do, all they ever receive for their efforts is "ooh, boobies!" It has to be frustrating, and we do our best to rise above it around here.

Well ... except maybe for this. It's The Big Picture's Who Would You Do Tournament?, which, in the spirit of the new book "The Enlightened Bracketologist" โ€” which tries to rank all human phenomena by using tournament brackets โ€” puts the top 16 sideline reporters and gently caresses them into a full bracket.

To no one's surprise, Erin Andrews is the No. 1 seed, with Suzy Kolber at No. 2, Pam Oliver at No. 3 and Melissa Stark โ€” our dark horse contender โ€” at No. 4. The tournament will be going on for the next month, so if you're the type of person who has his/her head in the repulsive, loathsome gutter ... go on over and vote!

Who Would You Do Tournament? [The Big Picture]