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A Special Announcement From Deadspin's Distinguished Dongbudsman About Ron Artest

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Greetings, dong-centric readers of Deadspin. Earlier today, we published two stories pertaining to NBA player Ron Artest, soon to be known as Metta World Peace, and his interactions with a young woman through numerous libidinous SMS messages from May of this year. So far, we've only published censored versions of the penis imagery she claims was sent from Ron Artest's verified phone number. That will change in one hour.

Deadspin has previously published many uncensored images of athletes' penises in various states of engorgement. It was the decision of the Deadspin editorial staff, in consultation with the office of the Dongbudsman, that it would be inconsistent with our in-house penis-publishing policy not to reveal the member associated with Artest's phone number. We know that our readers depend on us for penis-related journalism of the highest quality and integrity, and we are committed to living up to that standard. In this case, we are, however, keeping the dong content outside Deadspin's usual "prime time" programming, and we are presenting it for a limited time.

So for those readers interested in seeing full photographic documentation of the dong we believe is attached to Ron Artest (an image taken either before or after he attempted to "turn himself on"), please stop back here between 8 and 9 p.m. We'll have a stand-alone, one-time-only post of the penis, unblemished by black boxes or pixilated blurring, for public inspection. At 9 p.m., the post will come down, never to be seen in its natural state on this site again.



Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Artest Dong will be with you shortly.

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