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A T.O And Rosenhaus Thanksgiving

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Every wonder what a Terrell Owens-Drew Rosenhaus Thanksgiving might have been like? Blogger The Mighty MJD has, and, in what has to be a sports blog first, actually writes short story about it. It's just Owens and Rosenhaus, alone in a room, each silent in their thoughts as they watch Jeff Garcia on television. An excerpt:

Rosenhaus sat silently in a white leather recliner, occupied with thoughts of his own. His mind worked quickly and in its own self-interests. With his eyes pointed in the direction of the television, he had thoughts like, "Man, I am really racially progressive to be spending a major holiday alone with a black guy," "I wonder if T.O. is mad at me," "I hope he wants to watch Jerry Maguire with me after dinner," and "I really like purple ties." Fighting through the heavy silence in the room, he said randomly, "I care about you, Terrell."


It's a highly entertaining read, and a great way to slowly slip out of that stuffing coma.

Thanksgiving with Terrell and Drew [The Mighty MJD]

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