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A Thanksgiving Miracle: Air Jordan Logo Appears Inside Cucumber

Look at that cucumber. Look at it closely. I absolutely dare you to tell me that it's not a slow news day.

An Atlanta man named Brett Rosner was chopping up some cucumber, as one does when they want to make a nice salad, or even as a side dish if one marinates it in vinegar and dill for about three hours. (Update: It's from Reddit. Goddamnit, Brett.) Brett had no idea he was about to be visited by a spectral incarnation of a corporate logo.


Michael, Mary, and Joseph, that's an uncanny resemblance. Brett then presumably went on to eat the cucumber, because it's a healthy treat that's enjoyable throughout the year, even if it is generally a warm-weather gourd.

The real Thanksgiving miracle might be this, surely in the running for best tweet ever.


[Via For The Win]

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