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A Toothbrush-Wielding Red Sox Fan Was Ejected From Tropicana Field This Weekend

There are myriad ways to earn ejection from a major league ballpark, and most of them are punctuated by overconsumption of alcohol. That appears to be the cause of this incident from Saturday's Red Sox-Rays game in St. Pete, as a Red Sox fan quickly found herself parked outside after a bizarre interlude Rays fan Manda was fortunate to capture on video. There's more, albeit crooked, video from her actual ejection:

We at Deadspin fully support oral hygiene, but this is just weird. There's plenty of acceptable items you can bring into a ballpark, including:

  • A baseball glove
  • A pen to keep score
  • An unopened water bottle
  • Enthusiasm
  • A broom (applies only to final games of series in which your team has won all previous games)

Note that "toothbrush" is not on that list, though generally nobody will raise a stink if you keep it in your pocket or perhaps actually use it for its intended purpose in the restroom after consuming some especially-sticky garlic fries. (We would discourage anyone from doing this at Wrigley, again, for hygienic reasons.) Also, mouthwash is designed to be spat out, not swallowed.

[The Awesome Boston]

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