A Tortured Tour Through Red Sox Land

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After the brutality of the last few days, it seems almost cruel to make the Red Sox and their fans go through one more game this afternoon. At this point, what's one more loss and humilation? Even the famous Boston Massacre was only four games.

We thought we'd check in, if just to be masochistic, and see how the typically rational and composed Red Sox fans handled the weekend.


Surviving Grady: "I knew it had the chance to be bad, this series, but I'll be honest — I didn't expect the schoolyard beat-down that's been going on. This has been an embarassment of epic porportions, punctuated by moments of baseball so profoundly bad, I've been forced to wonder how this team has kept my hopes aloft for the better part of this season."

Soxaholix: "There's something to be said for an old school ass whooping that leaves all your hopes pooled up in a gob of bloody snot on the curb."


Fire Brand Of The American League: "Whatever. Stick a fork in it. It's probably for the best, now we can start preparing for 2007."

We don't really have the heart or the intestinal fortitude to check out Sons Of Sam Horn.