A Trade That's Just Crazy Enough To Work!

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The baseball winter meetings start next week, and that means countless unsubstantiated guesswork and fantasy trade scenarios. That's the fun of it, really; it will distract you from the horror that comes when your team gives $12 million for four years to Kyle Lohse.

The most enjoyable, ludicrous piece of trade speculation has to come from Bob Sansevere in the Pioneer-Press, who says the Twins would be crazy not to make the following trade:

Red Sox Get:
Johan Santana
Joe Nathan
Carlos Silva

Twins Get:
Jacoby Ellsbury
Dustin Pedroia
Jonathan Papelbon
Jon Lester
Clay Buchholz


As Fire Joe Morgan points out, sheesh, he's right: The Twins would be insane not to take that deal! Of course, Theo Epstein might not be up for such a trade, especially considering the fact that Carlos Silva is a free agent, something one would presume a columnist for a Minnesota newspaper would know. But the Twins have to go for it, nevertheless!

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