A UC Santa Barbara Soccer Player Was Handcuffed On The Field And Removed From A Game For Punching A Referee

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Either during overtime or directly after a loss to UC Davis today, UC Santa Barbara defender (and one-time Second Team All-Big West selection) Peter McGlynn punched a referee that had just tossed him from the game. One early account said McGlynn punched the head official after a 2-1 overtime loss, another said McGlynn "punched out" the official and was "arrested on the field," and a third corroborated those basic details. (McGlynn himself has not tweeted about the incident, though earlier today he did roll a perfect game in iPad bowling.)

Now we have a full report, from the Santa Barbara ABC affilate. Here's their recap:

UCSB senior defender Peter McGlynn was arrested following Sunday's loss to UC Davis.

McGlynn was given a yellow card in overtime by head referee Reed Christy. Two minutes later he received a red card and was ejected from the match. UC Davis scored just after McGlynn was tossed and won the game.

UCSB Police say McGlynn allegedly punched one of the officials and was restrained by campus security.

McGlynn was handcuffed on the field and taken in for questioning. He has not been booked and was later released. Police are recommending charges.


They go on to note that the men's soccer team began this year ranked number three in the country, but, after losing five of six, are now expected to miss the NCAA tournament altogether.

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Picture via Peter McGlynn's illuminating HerCampus questionnaire.

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