A USC Football Player Got A Low Test Score? What?

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"If your Wonderlic score is lower than the age of consent in your state, you may be a redneck." I'm not all that convinced that IQ testing is all that relevant when it comes to drafting NFL quarterbacks, but I will say this: If I needed a partner to diffuse a bomb, I'd pick LSU Louisville quarterback Brian Brohm before I'd choose USC's John David Booty. According to Mac Mirabile's annual look at the latest Wonderlic scores, Brohm got a 32 (excellent), while Booty scored a 14 (quite poor).

By comparison, in looking over past results, The Wizard of Odds points out that Terry Bradshaw scored a 15 in 1970. Ouch. This did not scare off the Vikings however, who chose Booty in the fifth round. Kentucky's Andre Woodson (Giants, sixth round) also scored a 14. Domer Law, a Notre Dame blog, looks at other positions:

The highest score listed was our very own John Carlson, who sported an impressive 40. Second was Frank Okam, DL fom Texas, with a 39. Third was another Notre Dame grad, John Sullivan, who scored a 35. King Dunlap, OT from Auburn was next with a 32. To round out the top 5 test takers is our very own Trevor Laws (tied with Mike Humpal, LB from Iowa) with a 30. The lowest score belongs to (Michigan's) Mario Manningham, with a 6. He was the only player to score in single digits.


There's also that rumor out there of a guy one year who scored a 1. That man of course went on to invent the BCS system.

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