A Vasectomy, Frozen Peas, The NCAA Tournament And You

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Quote: "I'd give my right nut to be able to skip work and watch the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament from my sofa." Um, be careful what you wish for.

The Oregon Urology Institute is once again encouraging men to get a vasectomy this coming Wednesday, so that they can time their recovery to stay on the sofa and watch the first two rounds of March Madness. It's called the Snip City campaign, and a Eugene, Ore. radio station is promoting the idea — as it did last year — with a "vasectomy recovery package" that includes sports magazines, pizza and a bag of frozen peas.

I thought it was a great idea," says Dr. Brady Walker, 38, one of the institute's doctors. "Guys would, electively, never have anybody do anything to their testicles. That's just the male mentality.

"Most guys bounce back in a couple of days. Unfortunately, some stay down longer." Say, from Thursday, March 20, to Sunday, March 23, the length of the first two rounds.


About the video here from last year's campaign: I have this dream just about every night; two women hovering over me with vasectomy paraphernalia. In my dream I always get away, but poor Harry Smith here acts like he's already had his.

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