A Visual History Of Bizarre Korean First Pitches

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Rhythmic gymnast Shin Soo-ji broke the internet last month with this pelvis-bending ceremonial first pitch before a KBO game last month. It's far from the strangest South Korea has to offer.

South Koreans may love their baseball, but a look through the archives show they sure have some funny ideas about pitching motions.


August 17: Actress/martial artist Tae Mi offered an incredible leaping, twisting first pitch that may have confused the balk rule itself.

August 16: Magician Choi Hyun-woo throws a "magic" first pitch. Bullshit, guy. That shouldn't count.

August 14: Decked out in a tutu, ballerina Lee Eun-won prances off the mound, does a split in mid-air, and totally fucking blows the delivery. The Jepsen-esque pitch ruins the grace of the approach.

August 2: TV presenter Won Ja-hyun boldly throws a pitch behind the ceremonial batter. Is there a beef we don't know about?

July 24: Lee Min-jung, 2012 Women's League MVP, throws a filthy splitter, probably the most legitimate first pitch ever. Lee Min-jung doesn't take this shit lightly. She throws ceremonial first pitches to win.

July 5: Shin Soo-ji changes the goddamn game of first pitches. This is still unbeatable.

May 6: Tiffany Hwang, of K-pop group Girls' Generation, favored Dodger Stadium with one of the worst first pitches of all-time. Her cat ears didn't help.

May 3: Actress Clara Lee, wearing almost unfairly tight baseball pants, nearly put this eephus pitch over for a strike.

May 11, 2012: The grandaddy of them all. Jessica Jung, of Girls' Generation, set the standard for horrendous first pitches. Rest in peace, worms.