A Wonderful New Holiday Tradition: One-Handed Beer Football

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Remember the Bud Bowl? The PBR Bowl is kind of like that, only less aimed at convincing underage kids to drink.

Every year for the past nine years, a growing gathering of hardy souls has been meeting at a park outside of tiny Emerson, Iowa, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Their goal: play some goddamn football. That goal quickly deteriorates into just drinking as many Pabst Blue Ribbons as humanly possible.


The rules are simple:

• 40 yard field, 20 yards for a first down
• One-hand touch
• All players must have a PBR in hand at all times
• If you drop your beer, chug it and grab another
• First to 70 points wins, unless the beer runs out or everyone gets too tired
• Extra points for beards and mullets


PBR Bowl IX was held this past weekend, and as the above highlight video shows, it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect. A sloppy game that gradually gets slower and sloppier and requires time outs to go puke-and-rally in the bushes. It's the heart of America.