Aaron Harrison's game-winning three that put his team into the Final Four may very well end up being the iconic shot of this tournament. It was also a shot that that put a lot of money in a lot of people's pockets, and none of them is named Aaron Harrison.

Shortly after the game ended, USA Today's Steve Berkowitz sent out this tweet:

He's not wrong. All of the Kentucky coaches' contracts are online. Here's a breakdown of the bonuses received by each member of the Kentucky coaching staff and the school's athletics director due to the team reaching the Final Four:


Oh, and let's not forget the $1.5 million that the SEC will receive thanks to Kentucky's success. Each time a team wins a tournament game, they earn another "unit," which leads to a $1.5 million payout to the team's conference, which then decides how to distribute the money.

As for the shot itself? It was a ballsy thing, oozing with the kind of fuck-what-the-coach-drew-up confidence—poor Julius Randle is still waiting for that dribble hand-off—that we are used to seeing from the likes of Kevin Durant and LeBron James. It wasn't the result of a fine-tuned offensive set, or a hustle play that stemmed from "good coaching." It was just Aaron Harrison, pulling up from way behind the arc with a hand in his face, winning a game. It was the kind of shot that people should get paid to hit.