Aaron Hernandez Evidence Includes 33 Pages Of Texts With Bill Belichick

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Documents made public today reveal some of the evidence that prosecutors have turned over to Aaron Hernandez's defense in the Odin Lloyd murder case. Among them, interviews with Patriots higher-ups and whole mess of text messages exchanged between Hernandez and Bill Belichick in the months leading up to Lloyd's death.

According to the Hartford Courant,

Prosecutors turned over 33 pages of text messages between Belichick and Hernandez from February 2013 to May 2013, the four months leading up to Lloyd's June 17 shooting.


I don't know how big they printed out those texts, but 33 pages seems like an awful lot for just four offseason months.

This trial is going to give us an unprecedented look behind the scenes at the Patriots. In addition to the texts, prosecutors also turned over investigators' interviews with Belichick, owner Robert Kraft, director of player personnel Nicholas Caserio, director of football Berj Najarian, and strength coach Moses Cabrera.


The Patriots have already agreed to hand over the team's medical records on Hernandez, but are fighting to keep secret nine pages of scouting reports and a psychological evaluation.