Aaron Ramsey Scores When He Wants, Which Is All The Time

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Maybe the story of Arsenal's season boils down to the story of Aaron Ramsey. The young kid with as much talent as anyone endured years of setbacks until finally putting it all together in a wonder campaign where he shows he's better than you could conceive. Can it continue? Who knows. But it's a joy to watch.

The second goal of today's match against Liverpool, and Ramsey's 11th in his last 18 appearances, was another bomb the likes of which we've come to expect from the Welshman. From a standing position, Ramsey waits for an oncoming ball to bounce at just the right height and bam, he swings and it's in. I haven't picked up my copy of Football Manager 2014 yet, but if his long shot trait is anything less than 17, that's a travesty.

With today's victory, Arsenal stay five points clear of their nearest competitors at the top of the table. It's still early, but the Gunners look to be the favorite for the title going forward. This season truly is madness.