Aaron Rodgers: "I'm Not Gay. I Really, Really Like Women"

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Recently, we—like, quite possibly, you—became aware that there were some rumors working their way around the internet suggesting that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is gay. While not in any way convincing, the rumors were intriguing enough that we did a bit of reporting on them. That reporting quite strongly suggested that the story was a dry well.


Unfortunately, we weren't able to get anyone willing to talk about it on the record, which we'd have liked to do if just because the online economy is set up so that a false story, if it goes unaddressed long enough, will become true through sheer repetition, as the vitality of stories about how Barack Obama is a Kenyan usurper demonstrates. Fortunately, Rodgers went on the radio today and addressed the rumors directly.

And that's pretty much that. Aaron Rodgers is a much better authority on whether Aaron Rodgers is gay than that one guy you know whose brother lives in Green Bay, and he says Aaron Rodgers isn't gay. It would be really great if the first out NFL player were a Super Bowl-winning quarterback who ranks among the best players of his generation, but it looks not to be so. Alas.

Update: Audio, via ESPN 540: