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Aaron Rodgers Is A Miserable Bandwagoner

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Hey, it's Aaron Rodgers wearing a Man City jersey! Wow, it's awesome to find a longtime fan of the Blues in the NFL, and in Wisconsin of all places. Aaron, I totally love your respect for one of the more under-supported Premier League clubs, and I know you're a real devoted fan, not just some poser in a United or Liverpool shirt.


When did you first become a fan? Was it back in the Maine Road days? Wait, are you from Moss Side? You suffered through Kinky Kinkladze, and Horton and Ball and that year in the second division? Wow, no one can question your credentials if you were in the Kippax Street terrace every match, even through those dark times.

Of course you remember the glory. The Ballet on Ice and the league title in 67-68, and the cup double two years later. Those were heady days for City. It's not every day a trio like Bell, Lee and Summerbee come along. But I don't have to tell you that, Aaron. You held faith all along that a return to form would come, whether it took 40 years or 400. That's what being a fan is all about.


I see you went with the Etihad shirt. Kind of recent, but that's cool. I'm sure the classic Brother jersey is in the wash, and your teammates are probably sick of you always wearing the pre-1982 unsponsored throwback. Hey, you don't have to justify your fandom to me. I know you know "Blue Moon" and have inflatable bananas in your locker.

I know you're a busy guy, but have you looked at the table recently? City's still two points clear, even after Monday's loss. What are the odds that you, first-place Aaron Rodgers, would be a supporter of another first-place side? So funny how these things work out!

[Twitter, via KCKRS]

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