Aaron Rodgers is absolutely nailing it as Jeopardy! guest host (yes, even with the FG zinger)

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He might just have a future in this.
He might just have a future in this.
Screenshot: Jeopardy!

Aaron Rodgers recently said that hosting Jeopardy! full-time would be a “dream job,” and it’s one that now seems within reach.

Last night, the longtime fan of the show got his chance to guest host. He was poised, charismatic, and didn’t take himself too seriously. There were no hiccups, no stumbles, the show had the pace of any other Jeopardy! program. Plus, like any good host, Rodgers had a presence but didn’t take too much oxygen out of the room. So has the QB found a retirement plan a few years before he hangs up his cleats? Maybe.

In a recent interview with Pat McAfee, Rodgers said that he “would love to be the [full-time] host of Jeopardy!” someday. Based on last night’s performance, there’s certainly a possibility he could land the dream job.


As a kid, Rodgers used to watch Jeopardy! with his grandparents. “I’d sit there on the floor and have no idea what was going on,” he admits now, “but I just remember the voice of Alex [Trebek] — it was one of the voices of my youth, with him and John Madden and Al Michaels and some of these people who narrated my childhood.” Now, the show takes up most of his DVR space in Wisconsin. He even won a 2015 celebrity contest.

The highlight of last night’s game, though, happened in Final Jeopardy. The category? Daytime TV personalities. The answers? Mostly incorrect. But that didn’t stop one contestant from poking fun at the Green Bay signal caller… and head coach Matt LaFleur.

Here’s the short clip.


Unfortunately, “who wanted to kick that field goal?” was not correct. The answer: “Who is Mr. Rogers?” Like the neighborhood Mr. Rogers, not discount double-check Mr. Rodgers, with a silent “d.”

You can watch the full segment here.

“You will always be all time in my book, my friend,” Rodgers told Scott in the postgame chat. “My first show and that’s what you said at the end. Thank you.”


At least someone’s making the right calls for the QB.

Rodgers will host the show for the next two weeks. But I’m not sure we’ll see a better moment in his tenure than that one.