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Aaron Rodgers Pisses Into Wind, Complains About Lack Of Effort At Pro Bowl

Perhaps noticing the boos from the Aloha Stadium crowd, Aaron Rodgers just had to say something about the lollygagging he saw from his Pro Bowl teammates.

"I'll be honest with you," Rodgers said on ESPN 540 in Milwaukee. "I was a little bit disappointed. I felt like some of the guys on the NFC side embarrassed themselves."


There are two ways to look at this, and the first is: shut up, Aaron Rodgers. Leave the guys alone. This is the Pro Bowl, and of course it's going to suck because football isn't football without hitting. Nobody's out there looking to run even the slightest risk of getting hurt in a game that doesn't matter. They just want their Hawaiian vacation and paltry game check, and it's really ballsy for a quarterback to be the one to tell guys to chance injury in a game that explicitly bans blitzing.

Then we have to address the fans, who were booing the lack of hustle. What were they seriously expecting? Have they never seen one of these on TV before? If you don't want to pay money to watch a poorly played football game at half speed with zero defense and less intensity, don't buy tickets to the goddamned Pro Bowl.

There was a hit in a Pro Bowl once. I'm sure Brian Moorman would love to relive that day.

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