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Photo credit: Seth Wenig/Associated Press
Photo credit: Seth Wenig/Associated Press

In today’s proceedings of the civil rape trial of Derrick Rose and two of his friends, the plaintiff’s two former* roommates testified that she was acting strangely the day after the alleged assault. During cross-examination, they were asked multiple times if they were receiving any money for their testimony, leading one witness to snap at defense lawyer Mike Monico that his line of questioning was “completely disgusting.”


Rose and two friends, Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton, are named in the civil suit filed by the woman, identified as Jane Doe, who claims she was gang-raped in her apartment in 2013. All three men say the sex they had that night was consensual.

First to take the stand on Friday was Claudia Carleo, one of Doe’s roommate at the time. She said she came home to find several men in the living room. She said went to get a bottle of water when someone ran out of Doe’s bedroom.

“He ran up on me and I pushed him back, like, ‘yo the bathroom is over there,’” Carleo said.

Carleo said she went inside her room and fell asleep with the fan on. When she saw Doe the next morning, Carleo said, Doe asked if there were men over last night. She said Doe then asked her questions about who they were, and Carleo told her she didn’t know.

Carleo testified that Doe was still acting odd when she got home from work that day. Doe “isolated herself” in her bedroom instead of her usual routine of having coffee and hanging out with them in the living room, Carleo said. “She didn’t even drink her coffee. It was weird.”

Under cross-examination, defense lawyer Mark Baute brought up Carleo’s deposition, in which she said multiple times that she deserved money for her testimony. (At one point she suggested she should get $1 million.) Each time, Carleo said getting paid for her testimony was an idea other people had suggested to her.

“I had my boyfriend in my ear telling me that,” Carleo said of the $1 million figure. “I didn’t calculate it myself.”

Upon cross-examination by co-defense lawyer Mike Monico, Carleo said she does not believe she deserves money. “I’m just doing what’s right, now,” Carleo said.

Later in the afternoon, Marcella Carleo, Claudia Carleo’s sister and another roommate of Jane Doe, took the stand. Marcella Carleo said she was not home the night of the alleged attack, but when she returned she thought Doe was acting differently—confused, and shocked.


“We all noticed she was going in her room a lot, being more quiet,” Carleo said, later adding, “She didn’t seem as there or as chippy as she was.”

Carleo testified that Doe told her about a week later that Rose’s brother had raped her.


Co-defense lawyer Mike Monico, during his cross-examination, brought up Claudia Carelo’s deposition comments about deserving money for testimony, and ask if Claudia should be paid for getting on the witness stand. Marcella Carleo shot back: “I think that question is completely disgusting.”

Monico kept pushing on the topic, leading to Carleo telling him, “The question you are saying to me is insulting to me.”

Monico: “I just insulted you, ma’am?”

Carleo replied, “Yes.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way,” Monico said before moving on to another question.

Before he returned to his seat, Monico said “I apologize for being disgusting to you, ma’am.”

“Apology accepted,” Carleo responded.

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