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Adam Jones Books His Reservation For Bulletin Boards In St. Louis And Philadelphia In One Shot

When the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night, it's a game that is always entertaining because of how much Philadelphians despise the Cowboys. It's unhealthy, but it's one of those things that Philadelphians are saddled with the second they're spat out of their mother's womb in a 215 area code. It's an active hate, the kind usually reserved for Klansman and IRS agents one that results in random acts of senseless violence if Eagles fans are even mildly provoked by a Cowboys fan. (You know, like attacking people with claw hammers. Go Septa!) The Cowboys, on the other hand, well aware that being America's Team inspires such hatred,treat the game with a little less intensity. For them, it's business as usual. Needless to say, Adam Jones, even though he's been a Cowboy for a short period of time is, like Jessica Simpson,is irking Eagles fans with his dismissive remarks. Jones was asked about any kind of preparation for the Birds' passing attack (thanks in part to the universal hope provided by DeSean "Obama" Jackson) given how they chewed up the Rams' secondary and Jones admitted he's not that impressed: "They played the Rams, dude." That's fine. It's a little early to start the Eagles/Cowboys requisite trash-talking on this site. There will be plenty of that on Monday. You thought the Phillies/Mets stuff was intolerable? Brace yourselves. For now, I will take Mr. Jones' comments as helpful in keeping my own head from becoming incredibly swelled. (deep breaths.....) Eagles' Passing Stats Don't Impress Pacman [Dallas Cowboys Blog]

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