Adam Laroche Knows Comedy

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You know, it's really difficult to find a species of human being with a more refined sense of humor than a professional baseball player. Hell, the Padres all urinate on each other, after all.

You can add Pittsburgh's Adam Laroche to the Charles Nelson Reilly whoopie cushion school of comedic delicacies. Keep that guy away from the scissors.

The Braves' uniforms and other essentials were hung up in the lockers after the Pirates vacated it. Only thing is LaRoche decided to stick around. LaRoche got a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut the crotch out of every pair of underpants in the Braves locker room - from Bobby Cox's drawers to the bullpen catcher's.

And he left a note: "Let it all hang out, fellas."


It really takes much dedication and time to physically cut the crotches out of an entire team's underpants; we salute Laroche for his diligence. We also love the image of Jim Tracy holding the team bus, waiting for Laroche to finish.

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