Adam Morrison Spotted Lurking The Sidelines In My Easter Outfit; Free Beer For Readers

Illustration for article titled Adam Morrison Spotted Lurking The Sidelines In My Easter Outfit; Free Beer For Readers

Well, this was a pleasant surprise from last night. Adam Morrison wanders into the huddle, sporting his G.I. Jane haircut and with the delightfully dim expression that's plagued most of his NBA career to this point.


This screen-grab is courtesy of screen-grab King Of Chicago, The Sports Hernia, who also added this little observation on Morrison's extended airtime:

For a guy who's been carrying the confidence of an autograph seeker who was just informed that even his snail collection thinks he sucks, this is considered monumental progress.

On to the free beer memo. So apparently there's a Deadspin meet-up at some bar locations this weekend and those lovable pseudo Mexican beer makers, Corona, are offering up free beer to Deadspin readers watching the Subway series this weekend who attend. Yeah, it's in New York. Sorry. But take the trip if you'd like. Here are the details per Gawker ad fella, James:

-Deadspin Subway Series Bar Crawl, Saturday 6/13 from 3:30-8:30
-Start out at Mercury Bar on 34th and 3rd Ave from 3:30-5.
-Then over to Tonic (3rd and 29th) from 5-6:30.
-Finally, end the night at Sidebar (15th and Irving) from 6:30-8:30.
-Revelers can come and go as they wish, no need to show up exactly at 3:30 and stay the whole time.
-Corona has been nice enough to sponsor the meet up, meaning there will be FREE Corona all night for our readers.
-Obviously since it's a Subway Series Meet Up, team colors are suggested but not required.

If you'd like more details, email me at my usual address ninjas will be in attendance. Promise.

Anyway, thank you for your continued support of Deadspin and using this section to count how few comments there are in it since the Great Purge of 2009. I believe the other kids are at amateur movie maker Chad Sexington's blog, Behind The Moat. Say hi.