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Adam "Pacman" Jones: "I Like-A The Strip Clubs"

If you missed the CBS pregame—and I wouldn't blame you—you missed an enlightening interview with Adam Jones about his current legal troubles and the all-important question: What's up with all the strip clubs?

Jones is vigorously denying the latest charge that he ordered a parking lot assassination way back in 2007 and it's interesting that his lawyer is working so hard to get out in front of the ESPN report. (Airing on "Outside The Lines" tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. Set your DVR!) Jones doesn't make for the most compelling witness on his own behalf, but his lawyer joined him in very high-exposure interview on NFL Today and promised that new details will emerge exonerating his client.

Meanwhile, Jones expressed his interest in playing for the Cowboys next season and explained that he is beyond his previous alcohol troubles and is staying on the straight and narrow. There is another vice, however, that he seems to have particular difficulties giving up, as you can see in this answer to James Brown's most pertinent and vital question.

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