Adam Schefter: NFL Players Had Access To Rice Video Weeks After Incident

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It seems like each day brings a new piece of information making it very, very hard to believe that the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens never saw video of Ray Rice knocking out Janay Palmer before TMZ made the tape public. Today's bit comes from Adam Schefter, who went on Mike and Mike and revealed that some NFL players had access to the tape just a week or two after the incident.

Here's what Schefter had to say (emphasis mine):

You would have to think at some point somebody here will be in trouble over this. The security guy clearly knew exactly what was going on. Leadership, management, did what it could to conceal and push it through. I think that Ray Rice's track record helped him here, that they cared about him. They wanted to believe that it was an isolated deal but they knew. There were players who were in Las Vegas a week or two after this incident and I know one player said, "You want to see the videotape of what happened?" So there were players who could see the videotape, yet the Ravens, many of the Ravens, claim they couldn't see it.


The NFL, which possesses a security apparatus that is staffed by former federal agents, would have you believe that it couldn't get its hands on a video that was reportedly being shared among NFL players like a World Star clip.