Adam Wainwright Had To Apologize For Saying He Grooved A Pitch To Jeter

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This is insane. Adam Wainwright made a comment to reporters after his outing was complete that he grooved Derek Jeter a couple of meatballs. It was harmless. Then it became a thing because Derek Jeter has to get All-Star Game hits on the level? I literally have no idea. But then, Adam Wainwright showed up on FOX cameras apologizing for everything.


This is what Wainwright said, which he now says is a joke.


He told Andrews he made a mistake and was just kidding, but who actually cares? So what if he did groove him one? If you want to be mad at something or someone, focus your ire on Bud Selig, who made this game mean something.

Wainwright seems genuinely pissed to even have to do this, but you almost feel like it was his idea to go on FOX. Maybe he got word about social media—which is obviously the problem, here—freaking out about sullying the game or some such and wanted to set the record straight. He's very adamant about not taking the spotlight away from Jeter which is just another level of insanity.

The American League won by two runs, or one more than Jeter's worthless contribution on the basepaths.