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Adjusting To A World Without Barbaro

As you might expect, it has been a difficult day here at Deadspin World Headquarters. The death of Barbaro has affected us all; it has been difficult to write about non-Barbaro related news today. None of it means anything without Barbaro around.


We do fear that the Sportshuman Of The Year tournament might be cursed; come December, we're going to pick our nominees extremely carefully. We also feel bad that the Barbaro Message Board has been down all day. They really should have put together some extra bandwidth for this.

But mostly, we just wanted to salute Barbaro for all the good times he gave us. We hope he was able to fit in some solid siring before he hobbled off to that great dirt oval in the sky.

Goodnight, Sweet Prince [Deadspin] (graphic by the great Jim Cooke)

As for us, we cut live to the scene unfolding on Deadspin One, the private plane afforded us by Gawker Media.


(All credit to "El Jefe de San Antonio de Bexar.")

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