Adorable Beagle Declares Self Lord Of The Soccer Pitch, All Must Swear Allegiance

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Those clowns at The Guardian put a video on YouTube that shows a very good beagle running onto the field during a Northern Premier League match and interrupting the action for over seven minutes. The creator of the video, perhaps believing nobody wants to watch a dog prance around a soccer field for seven minutes, sped the action up so that the video’s runtime is only 1:32. Whoever made this decision is a fool.

At the top of this post, you will find the full seven-minute video of this good dog lording over a soccer game between Halesowen Town and Skelmersdale United. “Do you really expect me to watch a seven-minute internet video?” is a question you may feel like asking. My response is, “Look at how cute that damn dog is, you idiot.”


Here’s an alternate angle:

This is the best soccer highlight I’ve ever seen.