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Adrian Wojnarowski Hurled Heaviest Bomb Yet at GOP Senator, Now ESPN Has Suspended Him [UPDATED]

Adrian Wojnarowski (l.) apologized for righteously lighting up Missouri  Senator Josh Hawley (r.) in an email the Republican legislator released  Friday.
Adrian Wojnarowski (l.) apologized for righteously lighting up Missouri Senator Josh Hawley (r.) in an email the Republican legislator released Friday.
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Adrian Wojnarowski dropped another Woj Bomb.

No, he didn’t break another huge NBA move. This time, it was in response to Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) calling out the NBA for “kowtowing to China,” and for not supporting the military and law enforcement.


Woj responded appropriately and eloquently: Fuck you.



Unfortunately, Woj apologized.

UPDATE: Woj, you had it right the first time, buddy. Too bad your corporate bosses at ESPN won’t support you. According to a report in the New York Post Sunday, Woj was suspended without pay by the World Wide Leader.


No one is protesting against the military. The problem is the militarization of the police, not the military. While the costs to our society from the military-industrial complex and foreign wars without end are vast and far-ranging, the men and women serving in the U.S. Armed Forces are true patriots and deserve respect. Conflating the police and the military is just another attempt at the same dumb tactic used against Colin Kaepernick, when people like Donald Trump and right-wingers tried to hijack his peaceful protest of police brutality and make it about the flag and the military, even though kneeling was the idea of a Green Beret. It’s not about censorship, either. Clearly the NBA players have expressed a strong desire to stand in solidarity with protesters and to fight for social justice.

Deadspin writer Chuck Modiano has been out in the streets of Washington D.C. with Black Lives Matter supporters, and one brave Marine he met explained it well.


“(Police) are not like military members. I signed a contract to uphold the Constitution against enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Those (police) are domestic enemies. … They only protect each other. Who we got in office, that’s a domestic terrorist.”


As for China, let’s just point out that the Chinese seem all too happy to have a Trump in office given that he doesn’t seem interested in opposing their influence in Asia. The Trump administration also froze funds to that would have helped protesters in Hong Kong. John Bolton’s book claims that Trump asked Chinese President Xi Jinping for help to get re-elected and also said that Trump approved of plans to imprison Uighers and other ethnic minorities.

Also, let’s not forget that Trump:


There’s also the fact that Trump stands proudly for the Confederate flag and monuments that honor racists and traitors who killed hundreds of thousands of American (Union) troops. Can we just agree Trump and his cohorts have lost the right to actually claim they support the military forever?

In other words: Fuck you Josh Hawley.

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