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AFC Championship Pants Party: Colts Vs. Patriots

All right, Colts-Pats. We'll take it. It's a canned storyline, but it's still a fun one ... particularly if Peyton Manning has to drive the Colts down the field with less than two minutes and the Pats up by, like, four. That sounds amazing.

Here's some picks from around the Web.

Cool Standings: Colts.
Football Outsiders: Colts.
Harmon Forecast: Patriots.
Paul Zimmerman: Patriots.
Peter King: Colts.
Lil' Sean: Colts.
Dan Shanoff: Patriots.
Kissing Suzy Kolber: Patriots.
Deadspin: Patriots. This is not a particularly good Colts team, and a couple playoff wins over some sluggish teams isn't gonna change that. Besides, the universe seems more right with Manning losing this game.


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