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Veteran Australian footballer Campbell Brown is facing perhaps the end of his career as his team decides whether to cut him following a fight with a teammate at a Los Angeles club on Monday night. The impetus for the brawl? Rihanna, naturally.

The AFL's Gold Coast Suns spent two weeks training at high altitude in Arizona. (It's a training regimen that's becoming more common in the AFL, and I'm shocked it hasn't spread to American sports yet.) To celebrate the end of camp, some players went out in L.A. on Monday night, where Brown reportedly broke the jaw of teammate Steven May with a punch.


The Herald-Sun offers the latest scuffle scuttlebutt:

According to sources, Suns players were at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood when they were asked to leave because Rihanna and her entourage were arriving after the pop star's concert.

May was allegedly trying to force his way back in to get an autograph when an attempt was made to stop him by Hawthorn's Josh Gibson, who was also present.

It is understood that after May verbally abused Gibson, Brown stepped in and allegedly punched him.

It had been previously reported that the fight was over a restaurant bill, but no matter what it was "about," it's probably safe to assume it was about drunk dudes.


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